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In support of the UN Road Safety Fund

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Road safety is a global target within the SDGs

Curb Poverty

People living in poverty are those most impacted by a lack of road safety.

More than half of all road traffic deaths and injuries involve vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists and their passengers. People earning low incomes can mostly afford to walk, travel by bus or cycle – all of which expose them to high risks of road crashes.

Drive Growth

Road crashes result in 3-6% GDP loss in the Global South.

Low- and middle-income countries lose more in GDP than they receive in development assistance because of human capital loss, healthcare costs, property damage and disruption of transportation caused by road crashes.

Reduce Inequality

Road safety is one of the faces of global inequality.

The Global South disproportionately account for over 90% of the global road traffic deaths despite comparatively lower rates of car ownership globally. Road safety is a critical issue in poorer countries, where poor enforcement of traffic safety regulations; poor road design and infrastructure; inadequacy of public health facilities and protocols in providing treatment for traffic injuries; and inability to pay out-of-pocket healthcare expenses contribute to a higher incidence of road fatalities and serious injuries.

Protect Children and Climate

Investing in safer roads is an investment in a
sustainable future.

Children living in low-income countries are 8 times more likely to experience an unintentional injury on the journey from school because they negotiate the most dangerous routes to school. Most road traffic crashes involving children occur within 500 meters of a school, and usually in urban areas. The transportation sector accounts for about a 1⁄4 of the greenhouse gas emissions globally. Effective road safety strategies that decarbonize the transport sector and foster a shift to active travel and mass transport can significantly reduce emissions.


PVBLIC Foundation is creating a brand to raise funds and
awareness for safe and sustainable
mobility by directly supporting the
UN Road Safety Fund.

Our aim is to generate long-term impact. We need funding from companies to support UN Road Safety Fund programs in countries with some of the highest road traffic fatality rates. But we also need brands, non-profits, and individual ambassadors to be involved and make change happen.

Get involved in one of the biggest global creative challenges we have and help to make a positive impact on a hidden issue that affects the lives of everyone on the planet every day. Money generated goes directly to filling critical gaps in
national road safety systems in low-and-middle-income countries. These gaps often exist in road user education, behavior, and enforcement; road design and infrastructure; vehicle safety standards; and emergency post-crash care.


3 Types of Brand Partnerships 


Direct financial support through our pre-determined sponsorship levels.

Direct financial support outside of our pre-determined sponsorship levels – if custom engagement is requested by the brand.


Direct assistance using in-kind services such as: access to a platform resources and services pro-bono (i.e., social media platforms), data tracking and reporting services (e.g., audience data, attribution data, etc.), pro-bono media for the launch and post-launch.


Use of IP for awareness building



Brand partnerships featuring our brand logo on the brand-partnerʼs merchandise (incl. limited edition collections) with a share of the
revenue going to UNRSF.


Development and sale of our own merchandise for sale on our own website.

Development of our own merchandise
to be shared with corporate
partners for use by their employees.

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